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Digital Dental Impression Crowns

Digital Dental Impression Crowns Dentist Novi

Our Novi dentist uses the iTero® Intraoral Scanner to take 3D digital impressions of your teeth and gums.

In the past, dentists had to insert trays full of pink impression putty in your mouth to get a mold of your teeth.

Not only was this uncomfortable for patients, but it also wasn’t as accurate as today’s digital dental impressions.

Benefits of Using iTero for Crowns

The dental impressions taken with iTero scanning technology offer more precision and accuracy than what you can get with traditional methods. As a result, the fit of your new dental crown will be perfect for the shape of your tooth.

How iTero Works

During your first appointment with us, we will file down the receiving tooth to make room for the crown. Since the crown will cover the entire visible portion of your tooth above the gum line, it is essential that we file down enough of your tooth’s enamel to make room for the crown. Otherwise, the crown will make your tooth look large and bulky.

Once we have filed down the receiving tooth, our family dentist will take digital impressions of your smile using iTero technology. Our dentist will hold a small wand over your teeth to take the digital impression, which is far less invasive than having a tray of pink impression putty inserted in your mouth. These 3D digital dental impressions will then be sent to the lab where your crown will be made. In the meantime, you’ll have a temporary crown placed over the tooth.

When you come back for your permanent dental crown restoration, you’ll find that the fit will be better than if it had been made from traditional dental impressions. Since dental crowns made from iTero digital dental impressions fit with higher accuracy, you’ll end up spending less time in the dentist’s chair.

Dr. Stephen J. Minns DDS uses the best dental technology so patients can enjoy dental crowns that fit and look natural. If you have any questions about our dental technology or any of our dental treatments, call our Novi family dental practice at (248) 476-9121.